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About Me

Hello musicians, I am Aggro: a multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and music consultant. My genres of interest revolve around metal, rock and grunge, as well as classical music.

Throughout my 15+ years of professional engagement I’ve played, toured, composed and collaborated with various metal bands and individuals, offering consultancy services, studio recording sessions, arranging, lyric writing and beyond.

I’m an MA music theoretician with personal contribution to music research, currently pursuing my doctorate at Belgrade Academy of music, dept. of music sciences. A member of International Association for the Studies of Popular Music. 

Having worked as a lecturer of theoretical subjects as well as an advisor to a number of music teachers, I became a ghostwriter in creation of written works and textbooks in the field of music theory.

Should you be in need to have your tunes in place, your expression defined, you can rely on my skills as your helping hand. 

Check out some of my music on this portal.