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Guitar / Piano / Classical

Since 2015. I’ve been active in tutoring musicians through online sessions. My services range from classical guitar, through acoustic pop to electric guitar in rock and metal genres.

You can expect to be delivered needs-driven sessions encompassing speed and technique development, personalized exercises, digital tabs tailored for your development, music theory lessons, post-session recap video, multiple-angle cameras and more.

Piano or keyboard – you name it. Should you need to grasp on reading notes in classical or go rock, I’ll be there. Approaches in learning this instrument are as versatile as itself. It’s essential that you create goals, those you aim to achieve, so that you can be assembled a personal learning path. I’ll be glad to trace its progress together with you as you grow your piano skills.

Throughout my academic education I devoted myself to the study of stylistic harmony and achieved expert knowledge in the field. I’ve majored my bachelor’s in the study of popular music harmony whereas my MA thesis focuses on post-tonal modality. In the recent years I’ve worked with a number of composers based in the States/Canada as a consultant in their musical work. Other collabs got me connected to numerous music-school teachers to work on the development of their practice books for students.

Either you be a composer, teacher, student or enthusiast in the field of classical, you’re already aware what the value of harmony is. Professional guidance could be your final answer to the quality you aim to achieve. You can rely on me for a range of services, such as the following:

⛧acoustic corrections in voice leading
⛧style homogeneity checkup (of composing)
⛧style-specific lectures (i.e. baroque, romanticism)
⛧part editing / orchestration
⛧harmony studying sessions (theoretical)
⛧harmony on the piano (practical w/ materials)
⛧personal needs-driven sessions