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Drum Parts

Percussive sections are one of the essential elements in rock and metal. Like it or not, both genres are fundamentally raised on rhythm and timbre. The former being in question here, it’s your decision how you’ll render drum parts. Some prefer live studio recordings, others choose to go digital. E.g. A drummer opts not to record drum parts, but carry out the DAW process instead. There are some compelling reasons for this choice: maximum precision and infinite possibilities with compelling results. 

To my clients I offer MIDI drums as an end-product. The delivery is a specter of organic, precise percussions tweaked to their personal grooves. The sound banks are endless, it is you who defines the beat. What you get in the end? A desired drumming sound specter rooted to studio mics geared up for the mix.

What you are delivered:  

⛧Studio quality .wav recordings at 44100KHz / 48000KHz / 96000KHz

⛧Your fav. picks from my sound bank of 10000+ samples

⛧Audio bounce of 16+ condenser and dynamic mics, mix-ready

⛧Close, mid and far room condenser mics at your choice

⛧Personal preferences for mics w/wo bleeds

⛧Editable session MIDI file(s)

⛧Organic-sounding kit with soft quantize and volume tweaks