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Guitar / Bass / Keyboard / SFX

Either you act as a single artist or a group entity, your music has its needs in terms of instruments and tracks. Despite all your rights to create, there are times you’re missing out on certain instruments. And since musicians tend to go beyond their imagination, this is fairly reasonable: choir singing, violin over a riff, eerie sound effects or a well performed concert piano. Whichever your whims could be, I can aid you to use your tracks as your potential. In saying so, my skills and knowledgebase could help you achieve desired goals in terms of timbre and sound quality. I offer an array of services that are comprised in this field. To name a few listed below:

⛧Guitar tracking | single, double or quad | parts to entire songs

⛧Guitar soloing | development of guitar solos | smooth or beefed-up, sustained or high-speed shreds

⛧Bass tracking | DI sound +  your preferred timbre | finger-style, picking or slap

⛧Piano | pristine Steinway or Yamaha concert piano sound | development of add-on arrangements

⛧SFX | whatever your needs are for special effects to fit into your song’s character